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Cavern Waterfall Fountain

DYW-160020 Water Fountain  - Dark Grey


Bring a piece of nature and calmness to your home with this Cavern Waterfall Fountain – the appealing sound of running water will have you lost in the wilds of nature!

  • GRACEFUL GLIDE OF FALLS – the water gracefully motions over the majestic, earthy stones, depicting a wondrous look that’ll surely step up the mood of your home!
  • PICTURESQUE DESIGN – features a creative design of cleverly stacked, moss covered stones with fabulous falls that generate a sense of tranquil stability and serenity.
  • ENCHANTING GLOW – as evening comes, enjoy the bonus feature; glowing LED lights that glimmer behind the dazzling cascading waterfalls – perfecting the stunning look of this water fountain!

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