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Staggered Wonder Fountain – Dark

Have a garden or patio that lacks a sense of visual appeal? Get a hold of the Staggered Wonder Fountain – marveled with a color combination that resembles naturally weathered rocks that’ll be a stunning statement to any space!

  • BEWITCHING FLOW AND AMBIENCE – water cascades down to each sculpted bowl in a tiered fashion to create a wondrous flow that’ll cast a soothing ambience to the atmosphere.
  • ORNATE SCULPTED DESIGN – uniquely designed bowls sit atop the staggered rocks, which looks like its aged by the forces of nature. The presence of this fountain creates a nature-inspired touch!
  • MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATION – the clean, white lights add a sense of purity to the pool of water inside the basins for a more refined appeal that you’ll love to view at night!

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