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Staggered Wonder Fountain – Light

Have a garden or patio that lacks a sense of visual appeal? Get a hold of the Staggered Wonder Fountain – beautifully designed with an artful concept, this decorative piece will surely step up any space up a notch!

  • ENCHANTING FLOW AND AMBIENCE – water pours down from the top bowl down to the bottom basin.and is recycled back to create a never-ending flow of wonder that’ll definitely cast a soothing ambience to the atmosphere.
  • ORNATE SCULPTED DESIGN – you’ll see 3 weirdly-shaped bowls on top of staggered rocks that holds a captivating appeal. The light theme of the fountain adds an enlightening touch!
  • MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATION – special lighting is added to each bowl, adding an awe-inspiring luminance to the pool of water collected in the basins!

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