Rustic Hydrant Fountain

If you’re into relic items or décors that bear an aged look, then you should check out the Rustic Hydrant Fountain – a creative masterpiece that’ll add the finishing touch to your home.

  • PACIFYING FLOW – the hydrant releases water that streams down from the bucket to the base where it’s recirculated back up to the hydrant, creating an endless flow. The sound of the flow of water will soothe your mind!
  • WORN-OUT BY TIME – a worn fire hydrant fills up a bucket that streams down to the base which shows a detached hose; the whole scenario shows a creative rendition of how time can contribute to art.
  • LIFE-INSTILLING LIGHTS – the presence of the lights in the bucket and the base gives a sense of inspiration to the decorative piece and an added visual appeal that’ll look wonderful at night!

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