Serene Forest Fountain

DYW-173018 Water Fountain  - Brown & Grey

A uniquely designed fountain for your home? We’ve got you covered – feast your eyes on the Serene Forest Fountain. This stunning fountain looks straight from a fantasy world and bears an odd shape that’ll definitely catch attention!

  • TRANQUIL STREAM – multiple streams of water cascades down starting from the top basin down to the mystical cavern that resides within the hollowed trunk. The flow creates a piece of soothing music that’ll calm all your senses!
  • PECULIAR DESIGN – bears a weathered look and texture that resembles an old tree hollowed by time with a small cavern inside; designed with a couple of mini-basins that adds up to its magical visual appeal!
  • MATCHING LIGHTS – specially designed with LED lights that are perfectly placed to match the fountain’s serene and fantasy-filled theme.

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